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Meet Queer Relationship Confidence Webcomic Creator

Monday August 21 at 4:00PM

Chapters in Metrotown

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Remember those Sunday newspaper comics that ran weekly? Now they've moved to the web and you get notified on your mobile phone when a new episode is updated! The Mann and Lucky Channel updates every day and gains 100 new subscribers per day. It documents the romance between a bisexual elf and an asexual human who look gay together. Mann has the bigger ego so he wanted his name to go first. Go figure.

Come meet the creator behind the fastest growing webtoon that queer youth read for a lifetime of relationship confidence!

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Book synopsis:

With one simple phone call, Mann's day went from peaceful to chaotic as his old friends crash his new apartment suite one after the other to meet his new "long distance boyfriend" for the first time. The last person Mann wanted to see was Kevin, his ex-benefits friend who still wants sex with him. Mann doesn't want sex with Kevin, he wants sex with Lucky, except Lucky has no inclination towards sex whatsoever. Tensions run high and Mann grows increasingly frustrated he has no control of the party!


"This comic is amazing. It doesn't tip-toe around the real points of a relationship. They actually talk shit out. Which means so much to me because this comic is slowly making it simpler to talk to my significant other about sexual things without being uncomfortable. That might not sound like a lot, but it so honestly is. My relationship is honestly getting better. THANK YOU"