Call For Director Nominations

Positions Up For Election

  • Co-Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Directors at Large (3)

    Time Line

    Nov 2, 5pm - Meeting of Nominations, VPS Offices
    Nov 9 - Notice of AGM to members
    Nov 25 - Annual General Meeting, details to be sent to membership

    Position Terms Of Reference

    General Terms of Reference for all Directors

  • To attend and participate in monthly board meetings, or provide an absence notification.
  • To participate in at least one Board Committee
  • To be an Ambassador for VPS activities, through social media and other methods to their friends and contacts
  • To abide by VPS policies and act in an ethical and professional manner. This includes annual disclosures relating to conflict of interests

    Specific Terms Of Reference - Co-Chair (From Bylaws)

  • Chair of all AGM, SGM, and meetings of the board of the VPS,
  • supervise the other members of the Board Executive and Directors in the execution of their duties,
  • act as the public face of the Vancouver Pride Society,
  • execute agreements and legal instruments together with the other members of the Board Executive as permitted and required by law,
  • the Co-Chairs may delegate, on a temporary basis, their duties to other members of the Board, or to VPS employees or contractors.

    Specific Terms of Reference - Treasurer (from Bylaws)

  • be responsible for keeping the financial records of the VPS including books of account as necessary to comply with the Societies Act,
  • render financial statements to the Board of Directors or when requested by Directors and members of the Board Executive and as required by law to Members and other entities.

    Vancouver Pride Society(VPS) Board of Director Nomination Package

    Application Form Here

    Must be submitted and be received for the VPS Nominations scheduled November 2, 5pm at the VPS offices (address: #304-1080 Howe St, email : ). Please submit by completing,
    signing, e-mailing, mailing or dropping off application.



    Director Position Applied For (Co-Chair, Treasurer or Director at Large)

    Are you applying as a Youth Director? (aged 16 or 17 as of November 25, 2017)?

    Please provide a bio as described in Bylaw 64 "All persons nominated for a Director or Board Executive position are required to submit before or at the Nomination Meeting a short autobiography of 400 words or less, which includes a description of the skills the nominee possesses to fulfill the requirements of the position".

    Bylaw 62c requires the Nomination Committee to provide a report at the AGM "on the diversity of existing Directors and nominees". Please include in your bio any diversity characteristics that you wish to declare.

    Bio (maximum 400 words):

    Please provide a nomination by a VPS member that has been in good standing of at least 30 days (as of October 3, 2017)

    Nomination By (name only, no signature required)

    Declaration of Eligibility

    I________________________ declare that I meet the eligibility requirements to be a VPS Director according to the BC Societies Act and the VPS Bylaws.

    ____________________________ ______________________
    Nomination Applicant Signature Date

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