FAQ for the RFID Technology

FAQ for the RFID Technology

Last year we began the process of turning our events cashless with the introduction of RFID wristbands. This year we have traded out the wristband for a longer lasting RFID key chain. The wristbands where introduced at the Davie Street Party and we learned several lessons from the feedback of event attendees. This year we have revamped and expanded our RFID offering based on that feedback.

No More Activation Fees
In 2016 event attendees paid an additional $1 to activate the wristband. This year we have scraped the activation fee so that you know exactly how much you are paying upfront.

Valid For More Events
A major piece of feedback from our 2016 events was that people liked the idea of the technology but didn't see the value for a single day festival. This year your RFID tag will be valid for the beer gardens at Pride Sports Day, Davie Street Party and Sunset Beach festival. Make sure to hang onto your RFID tag after the 2017 season because it will also be valid for our 2018 season events!

Cheaper And Easier Refunds
Last year we it cost $3.50 to refund the remaining money on your wristband and involved filling in complicated refund forms. This year you'll be able to process your refund for just $1 (the cost of an Interac transaction) and have your money emailed directly to you!

RFID Key Chains Available Now
Last year our RFID wristbands where available on the week before our Davie Street Party. This year you can purchase your wristbands starting right now! These wristbands can then be topped up before you arrive on site so you can get on with the important stuff!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Pride Pass?
A. The Pride Pass is a key chain with RFID technology that allows the purchaser to top up, store credit and make cashless purchases. Festival attendees of Pride Sports Day, the Davie Street Party and the Pride Festival who wish to make purchases from the bars will need to buy a $5 Pride Pass.

Q. Where can I buy the Pride Pass?
A.You can purchase online (Additional 0.89c service fee) from or from the pop-up booth at Jim Deva Plaza. The booth is open from 10am until 10pm at Davie and Bute Street from Saturday July 29th until Friday August 4th. Pride Pass is also available for purchase at the beer garden at each event (Sports Day and Pride Festival), and from outside Shoppers Drug Mart at the Davie Street Party.

Q. How can I pay for the Pride Pass and how do I top up?
A. Payment methods accepted are Visa, Mastercard, Debit or Cash. You can top up at each event or online by heading to:

Q. How much is it to go into the beer garden?
A. Beer garden entry is by donation at most Vancouver Pride events. To access the beer gardens, you will need two forms of ID, one must be government issued photo ID.

Q. Will you mail the keychain to me if I buy it before the event?
A. Yes, we will mail keychains within British Columbia until one week prior to the event.

Q. Can I buy the keychain already topped up or do I have to visit a top up station?
A. Your keychain will come without money loaded on. You can load money on before arriving at the event by heading to or you can use any top-up stations at our events.

Q, Can I top up by any amount?
A. Yes.

Q. Last year there were fees associated to the RFID wristbands, what are the fees this year?
A. The keychain has a non refundable fee of $5 and you will need to top up your Pride Pass with credit. Online purchases have an additional 0.89c Service Fee and $1.50 shipping fee. There is no fee to top up and a $1 fee to order a refund.

Q. Can I use credit for anything other than drinks at the beer gardens?
A. Not at this time. The Pride Pass is only for those 19+ who wish to make purchases from the bar.

Q. What time are the beer gardens open, and when is last call?
A. The Pride Sports Day beer garden is serving from 11am to 4:45pm.
Davie Street Party bars are serving from 6pm to 11:45pm.
Pride Festival at Sunset Beach serving from 11am to 5:45pm.

Q. I didn't use the credit on my Pride Pass, can I get the money refunded? How do I get the refund?
A.If you topped up with a credit card online then the money will automatically return to your account. There will not be any forms to fill out to receive a refund.The refund will be processed within seven days after the last event on August 6th.

If you topped up in person using debit, credit, or cash, you will need to create an account at and enter your email.

Q. Can I buy non alcoholic drinks from the bar with the Pride Pass?
A. Yes.

Q. What forms of ID do you accept?
A. We need two pieces of identification with at least one piece of government issued photo ID.

Pride Passes can be activated/loaded up to 30 minutes before an event starts. After which, you can only top-up at a designated station at the event.


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