Pride 2018 Art Proposals

A swing topped by a large glowing cloud, shining in the night. A person in a dress sits on the swing, holding onto the ropes.
A swing topped by a large glowing cloud, shining in the night. A person in a dress sits on the swing, holding onto the ropes.  (Source:Ziyang Zhang )

VPS would like to apply for a Public Art Grant from the City of Vancouver to work with an artist to create an interactive public art piece for our upcoming Pride Season.

Public art projects can include, but are not limited to:

  • Free-standing sculpture or other site installations
  • Two-dimensional work (murals, mosaics)
  • Video and LED artworks (digital projections and lighting)
  • Artist-designed, exceptional site elements (pavement patterns, walls, gateways, place markers
  • Unique functional art (benches, bike racks, light standards or other streetscape amenities)

    Grant funding of up to $20,000 per project covers design/artist fees, materials, promotion and launch of said project. We would like the art piece to reflect the values of Vancouver Pride Society and inspire inclusion, celebration of diversity, and community connection.

    If you have an idea for an interactive art project, are available to work with VPS on the project from March 2018, and deliver on creation of the project by mid-July, please complete the proposal submission form. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis with an anticipated notification date of October 20th.

    Past funded projects include "Let It Reign," a cloud-shaped swing created by Pablo Muñoz for the 2017 Pride Season. The interactive installation played pre-recorded sounds when a person swung on it, including sounds of thunder, rain, and speeches from LGBTQ+ activists. The artist's process included collecting diverse stories from members of the LGBTQ2S+ community. For example, recording a speech from Two Spirit land defender Jeffrey McNeil. Excerpts from this speech, as well as others collected from refugees, Trans women, Latinx women and queer identifying PoC were mixed with famous speeches from the LGBTQ2+ movement such as Stonewall organizers Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P Johnson.

    "At a time when there are so many conversations going on within the queer community, and so many opposing views, perhaps while we are playing - while our feet are off the ground, and we're swinging and our heartbeat is perhaps a little bit higher - ... [perhaps] listening to different people's experiences when we're in that moment, it would allow us to listen with more empathy and to listen to those ideas a bit more closely," - Artist Pablo Muñoz.

    Read More at the Westender

    The temporary installation was funded by the City of Vancouver's Public Art Community Grant program, The Egg Arts Foundation and Vancouver Pride Society. The swing was installed in two locations leading up to Pride weekend, first outside Vancouver Art Gallery for the Downtown Pride Premiere, then at Jim Deva Plaza for ten days. During this time, there were three Celebration of Light fireworks nights, as well as the Davie Street Party which gave thousands of attendees the opportunity to enjoy the installation. Public feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

    "I have really enjoyed the increased amount of interactive art at Pride events in recent years. Free activities are great, especially when you get to touch, listen, climb on and interact with really cool adult-sized art pieces. I hope you continue to do this, and expand how much you are doing, in years to come,"

    - VPS post-season survey respondent

    Vancouver Pride Society was extremely pleased and grateful to work with artist Pablo Muñoz. He created a truly interactive art piece that was engaging, meaningful and educational to the general public and the LGBTQ2+ community. The cloud swing added an extra layer of community participation and engagement to our Pride 2017 celebrations. The VPS would also like to thank the City of Vancouver and The Egg Arts Foundation for their funding of this project.

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