About Us

The Vancouver PRIDE Society is the organizing body behind the annual Vancouver Pride Parade, Sunset Beach Festival and Market and approximately 20 events throughout the summer months. The organization was established on the international stage as a leader in organizing grassroots community events on a large scale.

The Vancouver PRIDE Society is a non-profit organization that brings together members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Transgender, Two-Sprited and Queer (LGBTTQ) community, their friends, allies and supporters in celebration of the unique spirit and culture of our community by producing quality, inclusive and safe events to celebrate. The VPS strengthens the sense of community and contributes to the vibrancy, health and overall well being of persons in the LGBTTQ communities.

Purposes of the Vancouver PRIDE Society:

a. To celebrate LGBTTQ communities and other supportive or affiliated groups, in and through culturally appropriate educational activities and festivities throughout the year.

b. To continuously promote self-awareness, celebrate achievements as well as the visibility and diversity of the above communities in partnership with all stakeholders and allies.

c. To connect with and local or Provincial Queer community members Educational Outreach for the advancement and education of LGBTTQ issues; festivities and other Queer cultural activities.

Core Values of the Vancouver PRIDE Society:

1. We respect both the dignity of individuals and the rights of all members of regardless of sexual orientation, gender, gender choice, cultural or ethnic background, color, age, physical or mental ability, socio-economic status or political, religious or social affiliation or beliefs. In doing so, we seek to identify and remove barriers to full participation in the activities of the Vancouver PRIDE Society.

2. We believe those who volunteer for the Vancouver PRIDE Society are out strength and main resource for achieving our goals. They are the heart and soul of our organization and our events.

3. We respect the individual potential for human growth and development and encourage all with whom we come in contact to reach their potential. We believe diversity is a strength of the LGBTTQ community that should be valued and celebrated, for it is a significant catalyst for human growth and development.

4. We believe in sharing our knowledge and experience with other Pride organizations and other interested parties is vital to our achieving our mission.

5. We value establishing partnerships with those organizations, businesses and government agencies that have goals compatible with those of the Vancouver PRIDE Society in order to further our goals and achieve our mission.

6. We strive for inclusiveness in all that we do.

7. We believe in conducting the business of the Vancouver PRIDE Society with fairness, openness, transparency and accountability.

Please contact any member of our team to learn about supporting pride through: becoming a volunteer, being a partner or community partner, ask us about outreach, advertising with us, being a part of our parade, or being a vendor or exhibitor at one of our events.